Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport

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Daily transport from and to Italy
Intermodal logistics
Fast, efficiency and sustainable
fourth generation family company
Italy specialist

Transport Italy specialist

Transport from the Netherlands to Italy or vice versa? Van Dijk Logistics is the Italy specialist par excellence. Fast, efficient, and sustainable. An ideal combination, which is also beneficial for you. Make your choice for an excellent service and experience with Van Dijk Logistics.

Van Dijk Logistics is a family business with a history of more than 75 years. We own offices and warehouses all over the Netherlands and Italy. We transport your goods mostly by rail. We provide pre- and post transport as efficiently as possible.

The result: a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach with less CO2 emissions. And a significant cost saving for you.

The Italy transport specialist ‘pur sang’

Transport to and from Italy is all we do. This makes us your Italian specialist. We know the Italian market extremely well. Our multiple locations in both Italy and the Netherlands as well as our drivers in both countries are constantly connected to each other. This ensures that we have and keep full control over the transport movements in the Netherlands and Italy. We speak the Italian language and know the rules, culture, and the country inside out.

Daily intermodal transport from and to Italy
Our trains run to and from Italy daily. In recent years we have continued to expand our intermodal network. Your goods are delivered quickly and reliably to even the southernmost tip of Italy with our trains, trucks, and drivers. Read more about our vision of intermodal transport here.

Transport, storage, transshipment, and distribution
Whether you are an organization in need of container transport or small shipments to Italy. We offer solutions for every transport challenge. Your transport will always meet the following quality requirements:

1. Drivers who speak Dutch and Italian
2. Transport from your locations to the nearest rail hub
3. Daily transport between the Netherlands and Italy by train
4. Possibility of storage, transshipment, and distribution

Storage, transshipment, and distribution
We have private warehouses at various locations in the Netherlands and Italy. These facilities allow you to store your freight quickly, safely, and easily. From there your cargo can be prepared for transshipment or fine-meshed distribution at a later date.

Would you like to know more about our options? Please contact us by email or request a price directly from our website.

Think green, book keen!

"My vision is to transport completely without CO2 emissions.

Not because my customers insist on it, but because I want it ”. Read the press release here in which the purchase of five Bio-LNG is in line with our vision of transporting as CO2-neutral as possible.


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