Duurzaam transport
naar Italië

Duurzaam transport
naar Italië
Dagelijks transport van en naar Italië
Intermodaal transport
Snel, efficiënt en duurzaam

Vierde generatie familiebedrijf

Italië specialist
Minder CO2-uitstoot

Your Italy expert

Transport from the Netherlands to Italy or vice versa? Van Dijk Logistics is the Italy expert par excellence. Fast, efficient, and sustainable. An ideal combination that benefits you directly. Go for a perfect service and extensive experience.

Van Dijk Logistics is a family business with over 75 years of history. We have our own employees, offices, and warehouses in the Netherlands and Italy. We mainly transport your goods by rail, and we will arrange the pre-transport and post-transport as efficiently as possible.

The result: a sustainable, environmentally-conscious approach with less CO2 emissions and serious cost-saving for you. Think green, book keen!

Our vision on transport

Transporting goods to and from Italy as quickly, smartly and sustainably as possible. That is our mission. Read here the steps we take to limit as many unnecessary transport movements and unused load space as possible.


A selection of the (inter)national organisations with whom we collaborate: