Our mission

Transporting goods to and from Italy as quickly, intelligently, and sustainably as possible. That is our mission. Where first-class quality is the obvious standard, Van Dijk Logistics takes it a step further.


Keen & Green
Where possible, we limit unnecessary transport movements and unused cargo space. Our approach is based on maximum efficiency and reduced harm to the environment. You will see: Keen & Green go together perfectly! By choosing us, you are directly contributing to a better society.

Lean & Green Offroad collaboration agreement

As many transport kilometres per rail as possible. From the Netherlands to Italy and vice versa. That is what collaborating partners Van Dijk Logistics, Shuttlewise, Stichting Connekt, and Topsector Logistiek are striving for. On Monday, January 6th 2020, this was formalised in the form of a collaboration agreement. A large number of participants is likely to follow in the future.

17 January 2020

Why small transport is the new big.

It is getting more and more crowded on the roads. The number of traffic jams has increased sharply over the past few years. These crowds have a huge impact on the transport industry.

4 December 2019

Purchase of LNG vehicles

In 2019, we took the first step towards alternative fuels by purchasing two LNG vehicles. Together with Scania Nederland BV and Rolande BV, we are participating in the BIOLNG4EU project.

5 October 2019

Lean & Green Star award

We earned this Star, thanks to our decision to transport all of our goods between our Dutch branches and those in Italy by rail instead of by road. By using our hubs, we can load the containers in a very efficient way.

4 June 2015

Start of our branch in Italy

Thanks to the success of our system and the Keen and Green way, more and more customers know where to find us. In 2013, we started our own Italian company, called Van Dijk Intermodal Logistics SRL. The purpose of this company is to take care of the first or last kilometres in Italy, and of all other added activities.

1 January 2015

Lean & green award

We have become eligible for the Lean and Green Award, as a reward for our efforts involving the transfer of almost all of our road transports to the railways. This motivates us enormously and convinces our employees of this success.

8 November 2012

Purchase of huckepack trailers

We have decided to transfer a part of the road transport to the railways. In order to do so, we had two huckepack trailers built. These allow us to experiment on the railroad connection between Ede and Brescia.

1 January 2002