Van Dijk: transport Italy expert

Van Dijk Logistics has been a transport Italy expert for more than 30 years. With more than 75 years of experience in transport, the fourth generation is now at the helm of this thriving family business.

Well-oiled organisation
As a carrier, we know Italy better than anyone. We have our own branches in Venray and Mortara, near Milano. These are permanently connected to each other, which is one of the reasons why we form such a well-oiled organisation.

Reliable, professional execution
This works well for our teams of motivated and skilled employees in both countries. At the same time, our customers appreciate the reliable, professional execution of every transport that we provide to and from Italy, as this is our area of expertise.

Since 75 years

Over the past 75 years, Van Dijk Logistics has grown to its current size in a healthy manner. We can deploy more than 100 containers for you, quickly and flexibly.

Our drivers in the Netherlands and Italy speak the local language. This prevents many unnecessary communication issues. The fact that we also employ Italian-speaking employees promotes and underlines our quality as a transport Italy expert. Your goods are in safe hands with us.

Van Dijk Logistics was awarded the Lean and Green Award, which acknowledges us as a recognised training company. Young talent can gain valuable experience from us, which makes them wanted professionals in the world of transport.

And now you
You know our story. We would like to hear more about yours. What does your organisation produce or deliver? And with which transport issues can we be of service to you, as transport Italy expert? We would love to hear from you and think along with you. Will you get in touch with us? All contact is non-binding, obviously.

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Sales & Operations
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Dennis Gulen
Sales & Operations
T: +31(0)478 – 51 70 25

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