Lean & Green Offroad collaboration agreement

As many transport kilometres per rail as possible. From the Netherlands to Italy and vice versa. That is what collaborating partners Van Dijk Logistics, Shuttlewise, Stichting Connekt, and Topsector Logistiek are striving for. On Monday, January 6th 2020, this was formalised in the form of a collaboration agreement. A large number of participants is likely to follow in the future.

With this agreement, the parties are committing to sustainable transport to and from Italy. They participate in the Lean & Green Offroad action program together, which is aimed at establishing joint corridors. This stimulates multimodal transport and makes it accessible for parties that recognise the importance of reducing the number of kilometres on the road and CO2 emissions. Within the Joint Corridor, the Cabooter Kaldenkirchen / Venlo and the Timo Mortara terminals are used. Based on the partnership, the goal is to scale up the Venlo Joint Corridor to Milano. We consider this collaboration agreement as a nice next step in our “keen & green” mission.

Dennis Gulen
Sales & Operations
T: +31(0)478 – 51 70 25
@: sales@vdlo.nl

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