Lean & Green Star award

Thanks to our many years of committing to maximum sustainability in business operations, we received the Lean and Green Award in 2012. Since June 4th, 2015, we are also the proud winner of the special Lean and Green Star.


The CO2-saving mix of train and truck

We earned this Star, thanks to our decision to transport all of our goods between our Dutch branches and those in Italy by rail instead of by road. By using our hubs, we can load the containers in a very efficient way. The regional pre-transport and post-transport in the Netherlands and Italy is carried out by our own trucks and drivers. For the backwaters, we use reliable local transport companies to keep empty kilometres to a minimum. This approach fits very well into “the Keen and Green way”, which we have come up with ourselves.


More information: https://www.lean-green.nl/deelnemers/van-dijk-logistics/

Dennis Gulen
Sales & Operations
T: +31(0)478 – 51 70 25
@: sales@vdlo.nl

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