Van Dijk Logistics is specialised in the transport of motorcycles to and from Italy.

Affordable transport of motorcycles to and from Italy

Do you have one or more motorcycles that need to be transported to or from Italy? Van Dijk Logistics provides affordable transport solutions. Thanks to our motorcycle frames, which we developed ourselves, and our rail hubs in Venray, Mortara, en Modena, we can offer safe transport of your motorcycle to Italy, providing you with a solution at a relatively low price.


Carefree transport of motorcycles to and from Italy

During transport and storage, your motorcycles are insured at current value.

Safe and well protected
All of the motorcycles that we transport are carefully placed in frames. These motorcycle were developed by us, and they guarantee optimal safety and protection during transport. This way, your motorcycles will reach the place of destination in optimum condition.

Importing motorcycles Italy

Are you an importer of motorcycles in Italy? If needed, Van Dijk Logistics can handle the import of small and large quantities of motorcycles from Italy in the Netherlands, or vice versa. Your motorcycles will be delivered to our warehouse in Mortara. From six motorcycles onwards, they can be picked up from anywhere in Italy.

In terms of loading motorcycles on site, our own loading capacity needs to be taken into account. That is because the transport of your motorcycles is not planned in bulk. They can be transport in small quantities on a daily basis and at a competitive price.


What does motorcycle transport to and from Italy cost?
Would you like to know how much the transport of your motorcycle(s) to or from Italy would cost?

Feel free to ask us for more information about the costs of motorcycle transport to and from Italy.

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