Construction transport Italy

Van Dijk Logistics is an expert when it comes to construction transport to and from Italy.

Construction transport Italy

Do you have construction-related products that need to be transported from the Netherlands to Italy or vice versa? Van Dijk Logistics is specialised in the in the transport of tiles, sanitary facilities, sandwich panels, scaffolding, and machinery for the construction sector. We will quickly and safely deliver your products to their destination, whether that is at your company or straight to the construction site. Our modes of transport have been specially equipped for construction transport, with the right facilities for optimal transport.

Tile transport Italy
Since 2005, Van Dijk Logistics is THE expert when it comes to transporting tiles from Italy to the Netherlands. Thanks to years of experience, we have become the market leader in this segment. We are responsible for a majority of this type of transport.

On top of that, we have our own branch in the Emilia-Romagna region, the epicentre of the Italian tile industry. A conscious choice, based on the idea of having to carry your precious tiles for as few kilometres as possible. Our material has been designed in such a way that, for example, shocks have a minimal impact on the transport. We will deliver your tiles with the greatest care.

Van Dijk Logistics can also carry out the construction transport of other materials, such as tile glue in bags and concrete.

Transport sanitary facilities Italy
Italian design is a household term in the Dutch world of sanitary facilities. Italian sanitary facilities are lauded for their beautiful aesthetics and high quality. Just like the design and the production are carried out with care and attention, so is the transport. A large number of distributors of Italian sanitary facilities have come to know, acknowledge, and appreciate our thoughtful way of working.

Roof panels and side panels\
Sandwich panels, corrugated iron sheets, and insulation material. As the demand for panels and insulation material in construction grows, we see an increase in the number of suppliers of these goods from outside the Netherlands as well. Many roof panels and side panels come from Italy. These construction materials are mostly used in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

If so desired, Van Dijk Logistics can arrange the transport of panels for you. From Italy, delivered to your location or directly to the construction site with the help of a portable forklift truck.

Transport construction machinery and tools from Italy
Over the past years, we have transported a wide range of construction machinery and tools. This includes wheel loaders, cranes, and cherry pickers, but also tools for construction, such as scaffolding material, concrete mixers, and wheelbarrows.

Do you have machines or other tools for construction that need to be transported from Italy to the Netherlands? Large or small, narrow or wide? Van Dijk Logistics can help with construction transport. Will you get in touch with us?

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