Take care of electronics transport from and to Italy. Professionally, quickly, and safely.

Safe electronics transport to Italy

The transport of electronics places high demands on safety and requires considerable attention. Van Dijk Logistics can take care of electronics transport from and to Italy. Professionally, quickly, and safely.

Branch safety
Our branches in the Netherlands and Italy all boast a CCTV system. This means that your goods are guarded 24/7. On top of that, our warehouses are in contact with surveillance services. Like this, we can assure quick and adequate reactions in case of calamities.

Container safety
If desired, we can also transport your valuable electronics by box container. We can provide these with a certified lock on request. In combination with its own door control system, this container ensures that your goods are traceable at all times. Like this, you keep control of your loading unit. That feels safe.

Truck safety
All of our trucks in Italy have been equipped with a GPS. This allows us to track the exact location of the trucks in real time, separately from the container. This data is shared with our surveillance services 24/7. In case of emergency, the driver can use a so-called panic button to establish direct contact with the control room to report the emergency. This way, your goods are safe and the driver can relax.

And your electronics?

Where do your electronics need to go? Let’s discuss the best, the safest, and the most cost-effective solutions together. When is convenient for you? Just get in touch with us, so we can set a date and time immediately.

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Sales & Operations
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Vestigingen voorzien van CCTV-systeem 24/7 locatie gedeeld met surveillancedienst
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