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Would you like to import goods from Italy? Van Dijk Logistics provides quick and high-quality transport from Italy to the Netherlands.
The lion’s share of this transport is by rail: a sustainable solution with less CO2 emissions. It does not matter what the goods are; Van Dijk Logistics always has an innovative solution.


Importing products is all about quality, speed, flexibility and sustainability. These are the pillars of Van Dijk Logistics in Venray; a family business with more than 75 years of experience in the transport sector. We have also been an Italy specialist for over 30 years. We know our way around the whole of Italy; Food, wine, furniture, electronic equipment, tiles, metals and even trees or large agricultural machines; at Van Dijk Logistics, you are at the right place for the import of all of your goods. All of our drivers speak Italian.


Import Italy smoothly organised

Van Dijk Logistics has its own branch in Italy, not far from Milano. This location is permanently connected to the Dutch branch in Venray. Our transport containers travel by rail from Italy to the Netherlands and vice versa on a daily basis. Our 24-hour service is unique: we can deliver your goods from our warehouses throughout the Netherlands and northern Italy within 24 hours.


Cost-saving and sustainability

Our containers travel up an down by rail between Milano and Krefeld (Germany) every day, which has a good highway connection with Venray. We make sure that the container are always optimally loaded, so that almost no empty-load metres remain. This is efficient and therefore cost effective. On top of that, it is sustainable, because transport by rail leads to much less CO2 emissions.


Lean and green

Van Dijk Logistics is ISO certified and a winner of the Lean and Green Award. We are proud of these achievements and keen to build on them. All of our drivers on the road possess the New Driving Certificate, so they are contributing to sustainability as well. Importing from Italy to the Netherlands (or vice versa) could not be greener!


Import Italy? Pick the green expert!

Importing goods into or from Italy? Make use of the extensive experience and expertise of Van Dijk Logistics, the Italy expert. Go for the quick and sustainable solution that benefits you directly. Import or export. Read more about our services on this website or get in touch with us for more information!

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